Rug Hooking with Yarn

Rug Hooking is the perfect opportunity to delve into your stash and use those small amounts of yarns.  This technique lends itself to either a primitive, historical look or a bright, sparkling, contemporary one.  Creating either a “Mug rug” or bedside rug is possible and fun with rug-hooking.

In this class you will make a 6″ hot pad in spring colors.  We will use cookie cutter templates, crochet hooks, wool yarn and a single simple stitch.

The technique you will learn was created in colonial New England and Atlantic Canada and carried west by pioneers to brighten homes across the continent.  Pioneer women used worn clothing and leftover yarns to develop their own art-form, covering their floors with rugs and their tables with mats that are treasured in museums today.

Tama White has been involved with historical fiber arts for more than 30 years.  In addition, she is a student of many antique skills (from using a flintlock to cast-iron cooking).  Drawing and painting were a distraction for years until she gave in to her love of color, texture and flat, folk-art pattern.

Instructor:  Tama White

Cost: $50.00, which includes materials

Date:  Sat., May 24, 2017