Weaving Part 2: Go Beyond the Basics


Weaving Part 2: Go Beyond the Basics: So, you have taken a basic weaving class, you are not sure if you want a loom yet, but you want to do more….Well, here it is! You will make another scarf but this time, we will add a few techniques to your scarf for some texture, make stripes or a plaid…your choice. You will get to refresh your memory on how to warp the loom,. Pick out new and textured yarns, even a few more colors. You also can bring in the left over yarn from your first class and we can add to that for this project. You can use a shop loom for this class, or if you have one, please bring it, and your shuttles and cardboard. There is a second one hour class to remove the scarf from the loom the following week. Cost: $45.00