Wild Weaving


Now that you have some experience weaving on a rigid heddle loom, come learn some new techniques that will bring some very different elements to your weaving.  Since this is only a 3 hour class, you need to have some experience weaving on a rigid heddle loom.  Don’t worry if your selvedges aren’t always straight, or you sometimes make mistakes – in wild form weaving it doesn’t matter.

Please bring the following to class:

  1.  A small (8″) rigid heddle loom, prewarped for plain weave.  If you don’t have a small rigid heddle loom, you may use one from the shop.  Your warp should be Cottolin, sett at 10-12 ends per inch, 8 inches wide or a little more. If you are going to rent one of our looms be sure to get it a day or two before class so you have time to warp it before class.  Make your warp 3 yards to allow for lots of experimentation (you will probably have to finish weaving outside of class).  Your warp may be a single color or many colors.  Just don’t make regular stripes if you use more than one color-randomness and asymmetry give more options for creativity.
  2. An option you may want to use with your warp is to randomly skip a slot and hole (or 2-3 dents) a couple of times, randomly placed.  This adds interest to your warp.
  3. An assortment of weft yarns- any fiber and any weight, but include about as much of the Cottolin as you used for the warp, perhaps in different colors (you might be able to trade with someone else in the class for more variety).
  4. A shuttle or two.

With some additional weaving after class you will end up with enough fabric for a scarf, a wall hanging, or a small purse.

Date: To be determined

Instructor:  Vicky Konecky

Cost:  $50.00 (does not include materials). If you buy Inventive Weaving on a Little Loom, regularly $29.95, from us when you register, or at the time of the class, we will reduce the price of the book to $15.00.