Cotton Spinning Workshop




This workshop is designed for all levels of spinners, provided you are able to keep your wheel consistently spinning clockwise!

Workshop goal: To give students good basic techniques in spinning cotton so you feel    comfortable with cotton and see how easy it is to spin.

Day 1.  INTRODUCTION TO COTTON SPINNING.  This class is a basic introduction to cotton spinning and is designed to give the spinner an understanding of both cotton and how and why to adjust your wheel for this fine, short staple fiber.  Students will learn how to card and make punis from ginned cotton.  You will not only learn to spin from a puni but also the proper techniques for spinning all kinds of cotton fiber.  Spinning off the cottonseed to all  forms of prepared cotton sliver will be covered this first day.

  • Introduction to cotton: all kinds and their properties
  • Carding cotton and making punis
  • Blending dyed colored lint for designing heathered yarns
  • Discuss how to dye/paint on cotton fiber
  • Adjusting and understanding your wheel
  • Techniques of spinning cotton from a puni, off the seed, sliver and lint

Day 2.  EXPLORING MORE COTTON SPINNING.  This class reviews day 1 and reinforces proper spinning techniques for cotton.  A quick review of carding and blending dyed cotton lint will reinforce the carding technique.  In the morning we will be plying our cotton singles and learning how to prepare the cotton yarn for use to knit, weave and for other needle crafts.

  • Review carding and spinning cotton
  • Basic plying techniques
  • Working on cotton spinning skills
  • Discuss designing cotton yarn for projects and how to use them
  • Spinning and plying for a specific project
  • Finishing your cotton yarns and storing the for future use


1.  Spinning wheel in good working condition.  (Bulk spinners and bobbin driven wheels are NOT recommended unless fitted with lace attachment.) Your wheel should have at least a 12:1 ratio available.

2.  Lazy Kate*

3. Wheel Maintenance kit (oil, extra belt, tools, etc. NOTE: We will have most of these available at the shop for many common brands of wheels.)

4. Hand carders (cotton preferred but wool acceptable.*)

5. Extra bobbins.  You will need at least 3.*

6. Niddy Noddy*

7. Dark lap cloth

8. Scissors*

9. Spinning chair or chair cushion.  There are folding chairs for your use at the shop

10. Ball winder (optional)* & 2 toilet paper cores

* Available for sale at Grandma’s Spinning Wheel.

COST: $100.00 for both days.  Additionally, there will be a materials fee for cotton ($11.00-$15.00 per 4 oz. ball, depending on color) and $19.95 for Joan’s book.