Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where are you located?  We are in a small shopping center called “La Plaza Shoppes” on Tanque Verde Rd., in Tucson, AZ.  It is on the S.E. side of the road, between Pima (where Wilmot turns and becomes Tanque Verde) and the intersection where Grant Rd. becomes N. Kolb Rd.  You can always call (520) 290-3738, tell us where you are, and we will  be happy to give you directions to the shop.
  2. Do you sell on-line?  We are not set up to take orders on line.  However, if you want to order anything we have in the shop, call and we will send whatever you need to wherever you are for only the cost of the postage.
  3. Is the shop wheelchair accessible?  Both our center and the shop are wheelchair accessible.  Our aisles are a bit narrow, but we would be happy to help you navigate through the shop.
  4. Are you pet friendly?  We love to have our 4-legged friends visit the shop, as long as they are well behaved, housebroken and people friendly.
  5.  Can you do anything special for knitting (crochet, weaving, felting) group visits?  Indeed!  If you call and give us as much advance notice as possible to prepare, we will put together a demonstration of equipment and/or techniques you might like to see.
  6. Do you make presentations to groups or clubs?  With enough advance notice we will make every effort to come to your fiber arts crafting group or guild, within a reasonable distance, and share our knowledge and products.