National Spinning & Weaving Week, 10/6-10/11/14

To commemorate the arrival of the new, “Community” issue of “PLY” magazine, and National Spinning and Weaving Week (Oct 6-12th ) Grandma’s Spinning Wheel is sponsoring a Shetland spinning competition and a spin-in on Sat., Oct. 11.

Because Shetland sheep are highlighted in the new issue of “PLY”, we will have a Shetland yarn judging contest Saturday, Oct. 11. If you already have some of our gorgeous brown/black Shetland roving, you may spin that. Or come in during the week of Oct. 6-11 and get a pound or two of the brown/black Shetland roving for $25.00/lb. (regularly priced @ $30.00/lb.). We will have three categories for the yarn contest: one for yarn spun with just the Shetland and one for the Shetland blended or plyed with something else. The third category will be just for new spinners, those who have been spinning for less than one year. Prizes will be a $20.00 gift certificate for the winner in each category.

We also have plenty of other Shetland rovings, Shetland batts, and cleaned and carded Shetland fleece available if you would prefer to spin up one of those. The only requirement to enter is that you purchase the fiber from us.