Ravelry Boot Camp

Ravelry Boot Camp:

RAVELRY BOOTCAMP!   Do you want to get started with Ravelry, but need some handholding along the way?  Have a Ravelry account but don’t feel like you are able to use it as well as you would like?

Shanna is going to host two sessions of Ravelry Bootcamp! Let her show you how to fully utilize the:

  • pattern database
  • yarn database
  • amazing notebook functions
  • community/group forums
  • many other features the wonderful enablers at Ravelry have made available to the fiber arts community.

PLEASE NOTE: Having a laptop or tablet to bring to your session is recommended, but NOT REQUIRED. There will be a large screen to follow along on, and a hand-out for making notes and referencing later.

Sessions are three hours long and $40 per person. Please call the shop at 520-290-3738 or email Vicky at spinningramma@aol.com to sign up for one of the following two sessions:

Wednesday, January 15th, 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Maximum number of 8 students