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From Fleece to Fabric Series

Come learn how to transform a raw fleece into a finished garment! We'll start the journey with "scouring" a "raw" fleece, then move into dyeing the clean, uncarded fiber. Next we'll learn about combing and carding your fiber, and then the last step will be planning your final project to help determine how you'll spin the fiber into yarn.

    1. Skirting & Washing a Fleece and Dyeing your fiber
    2. Dyeing your uncarded fiber
    3. Combing / Carding
    4. Planning Your Project: Designing and choosing a pattern for your finished project
    5. Spinning Your Fleece for Your Project
    6. Meeting to discuss our progress- TBD as a group
    7. Final meeting for Show & Tell- TBD

    *Combing & Carding: Learn to card and blend a variety of fibers by hand as well as with a drum carder. If you have your own cards, please bring them. If you don't have cards, we will have some available for use and purchase if you choose to buy them. You also will learn to use combs. Instructors: Vicky 

*Spinning semi-woolen / woolen drafting: In this workshop you will learn the difference between spinning woolen / semi woolen yarn. Woolen yarn is produced when the wool is carded into a random mass, with the fibers going in all directions. The fibers can be different lengths that may include noils (bumps) and pieces. When spinning woolen yarn, air is trapped in the fiber so the resulting yarn is light, airy and soft. For semi-woolen, the fiber is combed as for worsted, and spun as a woolen. 
Instructor: Vicky

*Spinning worsted / semi-worsted yarn: In this workshop, you will learn to spin worsted or semi-worsted yarn. Worsted yarn is produced when the wool is combed so that the fibers lay in the same direction. The fibers come from long staple wools. As the fiber is combed, the short fibers are removed. The resulting yarn is smooth, lustrous and hard-wearing. The yarn is not airy and soft. For semi-worsted yarn, the wool is prepared as a woolen fiber, but spun as for worsted. 
Instructors: Vicky & Cassondra

Workshops are $75 each, or $300 for all 5 if paid in advance.
There is no charge for the last meeting.

Please check our calendar for class dates, times and availability
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